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                  Enter Dali


                  Yingkou Dali Automobile Maintenance Equipment S.&T.Co.Ltd——Flageship of China auto maintenance industry
                  In 1997, with the trend of China auto industry rising ,Yingkou Dali Automobile Maintenance Equipment S.&T.Co.,Ltd arose at that historic moment.
                  Nowadays, we have the philosophy and corporate culture that keep pace with times. People-oriented, integrity-oriented, focusing on end users and regarding end users’ require as first prority are our principles.
                  Our company has a strong research entity and professional design team, American,Italian,Netherland experts’ long time joining with might doubled. It has successfully overturned the technological bottleneck that has plagued the auto maintenance industry. Improve the scientific and technological content of products, new products emerge in endlessly. It makes the process of mounting...

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